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The Process

The Courageous Voices project began with the grade 8 class at E.A.S.T. Alternative examining Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”. Each student chose an individual they were passionate about and argued that person’s case as a hero/heroine. After the students successfully convinced their teachers and peers, they researched the life of the hero/heroines and developed a speech in that person’s words (see the hero/heroine each student chose).

The performance is based entirely on the words of the courageous people the students have chosen. Each student also created a larger-than-life portrait of their hero/ heroine (check out this year's artwork). The class combined their speeches, weaving together portraits of their hero, the dialogue, and music into a powerful production featuring some of the greatest words ever written, spoken or sung.

We hope these words inspire you as much as they have us.

Notes from the Director

I am asked “Why do we study heroes and heroines? Why is this important?” My response is simple: all cultures have long passed on knowledge from generation to generation through storytelling and this is what Courageous Voices is all about. We are telling the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. By telling these stories we pass along their wisdom and teachings.

Education today is calling for transformative learning that inspires as it develops empathy. Courageous Voices is fundamentally about stepping into the shoes of another person, attempting to understand their feelings and perspectives, and using that understanding to guide our way.


-Lynn Heath

Many Thanks to...

Directors - Lynn Heath, Karri Paradi

Assistant Director - James Bowen 

Music Directors - Cathy Nosaty, Liann Sherbin, Joel Saunders, Abby Zotz

EAST Staff - James Bowen, Nicole Asselin, Laura Creedon, Caroline Rosta, Kristin Scott, Joel Saunders, Jennifer Zurba

Acting Coaches - Scott Maudsley, Wes Berger, Jon Brandt

Understudy - Lily Jiang

Lighting - Andrew Sherbin, Kowthar Omar

Portrait Artwork - Barb Lewis, Lyn Dutton

Portrait Construction - Indrani Nadarajah, Noriko Furuya, Jennie Smith, Paula Butler, Yuka Hinohara-Tang

Props & Stage - Shelagh Smith

Graphic Design - Gerald Flach

Photography - Ella Young, Karri Paradi

Media - Karen Benner, Maria Saras-Voutsinas 

Videographer - Lee de Lang, Alistair Simpson

Website - Karri Paradi


EAST Parent Community

Courageous Voices could not take place with the collaboration, dedication and countless hours of volunteering from this generous, creative, tireless community.  We thank you all for your dedication and commitment to this project. Whether you volunteered for one hour or hundreds of hours, you are spectacular human beings that are the true essence of the word HERO.

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